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Photo Credit: Kate Graves – IG @createbykate

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The second tab in this section provides access to the Press Release issued on October, 19th 2021. In ‘Supplemental Quotes’  journalists can find Haley’s answers to these questions:

  • What made you turn to crypto to fund your film? How did you do it?
  • Why did you choose the song (If) the Book Doesn’t Sell?
  • Why was it important for you to have an all-female crew?

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  • Bios for Director, Musical Artist, Cast & Crew
  • 12:34 – (If) the Book Doesn’t Sell by Ritt Momney (Unofficial Video)
  • Detailed information about NFTs and 12:34’s use of them
  • NFT Claim Form allowing journalistic to receive a limited edition non-fungible token as research and NOT in lieu of any potential news coverage

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Haley Johnson

October 19th, 2021


The Rise of NFTs and Leveling the Playing Field by Relieving the
Financial Burden of Film Funding

[LOS ANGELES, CA, October 19th, 2021]

Last Friday, recently graduated director, Haley Johnson, released her thesis film 12:34, featuring rising music artist, Ritt Momney’s, (If) the Book Doesn’t Sell. After a series of unfortunate events, Haley was left with only two weeks to take her film from the drawing board to the screening room, or she would be left behind to watch her classmates graduate without her. She and her crew organized the film in only five days, and had it ready to screen at the premiere event with only hours to spare; a feat only made possible by passion, persistence, but also, quickly secured funding. 

Sure, you can have esteemed film education and extensive experience in the industry; but money is what truly takes a film from start to end. What the next generation of independent artists should know, cryptocurrency is the next option for those who dread trying to scrape together money for their next project. Ravencoin (RVN), is a peer-to-peer blockchain that handles the efficient creation and transfer of assets from one party to another. In other words, a new form of crowdfunding that uses rewards incentives in the form of non-fungible tokens that interested contributors can purchase in exchange for funds towards the film. 

NFTs pave the way for decentralized media distribution. Certificates of authenticity for physical memorabilia, and tokens that represent a limited partnership, or royalty sharing, allow the funder to not only donate to the project but, also collect ultra-rare content that they can use for monetary gain in the future. In the case of Haley’s film, top donors received scripts signed by both herself and Jack Rutter (Ritt Momney), complete with a photo of Haley and Jack featuring the signed memorabilia that was minted as an NFT to prove its authenticity.

Cryptocurrency has made it possible to worry less about where the money will come from, and instead focus on the artistry of the project. The film 12:34 is an exploration of the human mind and how when we start to take responsibility for our choices we can create our own reality. The project’s logline, “A heartbroken young woman explores the depths of her subconscious through a sobering encounter with God and the Devil.” The themes of loss and acceptance flow elegantly throughout the film and leave the audience wondering what’s next for this young actor/director.


[See http://haleynjohnson.com/press-kit/ for cast/crew bios, supplemental quotes, additional information on 12:34’s use of NFTs and how journalists can claim one for research purposes.
Watch 12:34 at https://youtu.be/9yqZAccfhBM]

What made you turn to crypto to fund your film? How did you do it?
At the time I had less than a week to fund the project and was working paycheck to paycheck as a production assistant. I tried the traditional crowdfunding campaign, but it gave us about a quarter of what we needed to actually make the project. Family and friends then made me aware of the value of NFTs and some quick networking made it possible for me to offer signed scripts and in exchange for funding. Our time constraint actually prevented many people from donating because at that point we had already raised all that we needed.

Why did you choose the song (If) the Book Doesn’t Sell?
The first time I had ever heard this song I immediately looked for the music video. The song itself was such a compelling script in itself and I figured there had to be some insane music video to go with it. To my surprise, there was just the official audio and some small fan-made material but I still wanted more. The song spoke to me so deeply that I knew I couldn’t make anything else until I made that music video.

Why was it important for you to have an all-female crew?
Due to the heavily emotional nature of the project, curating the perfect set environment was one of my top priorities. I wanted to create a space in which everyone felt like their ideas could flourish and true collaboration could happen. Additionally, I am a big believer in giving back to the people who help you so I made sure we prioritized education when possible. Most department heads were seasoned professionals and under them were bright young women eager to learn a new skill. The majority of the crew members were dancers and for some of them was the first set they had ever worked on.

Press Photos

Jessica Nonny
Photo Credit: Jenna Huskisson
IG @jenna_huskisson
Haley N. Johnson
Photo Credit: Jenna Huskisson
IG @jenna_huskisson
Photo Credit: Jenna Huskisson
IG @jenna_huskisson


Haley N. JohnsonHaley N. JohnsonProducer & Director
An American actress/director/producer. Originally from South Florida, the young artist danced her way to Hussian College In Studio where she was introduced to acting and filmmaking. In her sophomore year, Haley switched her major to Film & Digital Content. This allowed her to frequently jump from in front and behind the camera positions cementing her love for the art form in its entirety. In her junior and senior year, Haley worked as a production assistant on major Hollywood productions including The Goldbergs, 9-1-1, and Bullet Train and spent most weekends leading student productions. Haley continues to act and direct post-grad and aspires to create emotionally compelling material.
IG: @hnj99

Ritt MomneyJack Rutter aka Ritt Momney – Musical Track

Beginning as an indie rock band comprised of high school friends, the project became a personal outlet for Rutter after his bandmates left on Mormon missions and his girlfriend left for college. In his bedroom, he wrote, recorded, and produced his debut LP, entitled “Her and All of My Friends,” in which Rutter grapples with loss, loneliness, and drift away from Mormon culture. Jack’s sophomore album “Sunny Boy” drops Friday, October 22nd.
Rittmom.com | IG: @rittmomney

12:34 Autographed Scripts

Leah Grosjen Actress/DancerLeah Grosjean – God
An artist of many trades including acting, dancing, teaching, creative direction, and content creation. East coast bred, Leah has the grit to do it all and do it well. She received her BFA in Commercial Dance in 2019 and has directed her focus from storytelling through movement to also storytelling through acting and film. Her philosophy behind creativity is to be not just one thing but to be a million things all at once.
LeahGrosjean.com | IG: @leahgrosjean

Jessica Nonny – Devil
Dynamic dancer, choreographer, and actor who decided to bring her east coast flare to the west. With her quirky movement quality, eagerness to learn, and fierce passion for creating both in front of and behind the camera, Jessica is ready to take on any aspect of performance the industry throws at her.
IG: @jessicanonny

12:34 GOD & Devil Reminiscing

Producer Breanne Wilhite @breannewilhite
Associate Producer Aaliyah Henderson @aaliyah.mecca
DP Jenna Huskisson @jenna_huskisson
1st AD Lauren Krikorian lolikrik.com
1st AC Parker Wood @gparkerwood
2nd AC/Dolly Grip Abby Mucha @much.a
G/E Jessica Quintos @jessicaquintos
G/E Amanda Nigro @amanda_the_panda02
G/E Jacqueline Chang @jacquelinec_02
CCO Miki Murad @miki.lareine
PA Sydney Burger @sydneyrburger
PA Sidney Brasher @sidraebrash23
BTS Photography Kate Graves @createbykate
Prop Master Emma Grosjean @emma_edythe
Key HMU Sabrina Porcelli @sabrinaporcelli
HMU Assistant Brooke Harper @_brooke_harper
Post Supervisor/Editor Gregory Foltynowicz @gfoltynowicz
Editor Weston Bradley @mildmildwest
DIT Tianna Vines @tiastorm5690
Colorist Michael Woloson @michaelwoloson
VFX Eden Ashkenazi @edeneditor


Haley N. Johnson – Writer,  Producer & Director

How To Claim Your NFT

Typical cryptocurrency coins or tokens are fungible, meaning you can trade one for another. One bitcoin is the same as another. However, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique items “minted” on a blockchain.

NFTs are much more than the pixelated images being peddled by Social Media Influencers and Digital Artists. When properly implemented, NFTs can provide creators better control of how their digital media is distributed. Soon, musicians and filmmakers will be able to publish their work with it only being accessible to token holders. Similar to buying a movie on Amazon Prime to watch as often as you want, an NFT access token gives you the ability to transfer ownership. For those that can remember, it will be the modern-day equivalent of giving away or selling unwanted CDs or VHS tapes.

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What do NFTs have to do with the 12:34 Music Video?
Although this video is publicly available for all to watch on YouTube, this film utilizes other use cases for NFTs. The bulk of the $7000 received from donors, was in RAVENCOIN which was quickly converted to cold hard cash. Additionally, all donors will receive unique behind-the-scenes images minted on the RAVENCOIN block-chain. Think of them as the modern-day version of signed photos. A few big donors will get physical copies of the script signed in ink by both the Director & Musical artist. In this case the associated NFTs act as Certificates of Authenticity (COA). In the future people may demand an NFT/COA be transferred when purchasing Memorabilia. The guys on Pawn Stars no longer need to call in an expert.


Ravencoin (RVN), is a true open source peer-to-peer block chain. It is fully compliant under U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission laws in effect created in the aftermath of the Wall Street Crash of 1929. Many of the popular cryptocurrencies are learning the hardway they are in violation of these laws put in place to protect U.S. citizens against market manipulation. The Ravencoin blockchain is also superior when it comes to the efficient creation and transfer of assets from one party to another. Best of all it is far less expensive than platforms like Ethereum.

Learn more ravencoin.org

A limited number of NFTs will be issued to:

  • All Backers of the project regardless of the method of their donations
  • All members of the Cast & Crew
  • Members of the Press for the purpose of demonstration
  • Top Social Media Influences that promote the 12:34 video with their followers

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There is a value in showing it off to your friends and being able to demonstrate what all the NFT buzz is about. Just like autographs of filmmakers and musical artists from their early days, your NFT could also raise in monetary value.

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