Be Your Boy

Medium Build (Official Music Video)

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Golden morning light spills into the home through the grand window. Lexa sits illuminated as she paints.

Character(s) / Actor(s) in Still:

LEXA – Kaylee McGregor

LEXA – Kaylee McGregor

Kaylee McGregor was born and raised in Western (middle-of nowhere) Pennsylvania and raised a die-hard Steelers fan, she grew up indulging in everything country-living had to offer. Spending most of her childhood raised in the archery shop beneath her grandparent’s house, where she developed a love for archery that became the spark for her admiration of dystopian action-centric films. That spark lit the flame that blossomed into a love for acting. She made the cross-country move to continue her undergraduate studies at Hussian College Los Angeles. There, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting for Film and Television in the Spring of 2019. Throughout her acting career, she has appeared numerous times both on stage and in front of the camera, as well as in behind-the-scenes production work. When she’s not on set, you can find her at the yoga studio or in the kitchen pretending to be a top chef.

HIMSELF – Nick Carpenter

Nick Carpenter aka Medium Build hails from The Air Crossroads of The World, Anchorage, Alaska, where you may just get held up in traffic due to a moose crossing. Carpenter is known to maintain an ever-evolving collaboration built around a mutual love of 80s country, grapefruit soda water, and 90s R&B. He produces deeply layered tracks by inter-mingling raw, emotionally honest lyrics with forging instrumentation. With minimal effort, he blends electronic with analog and draws the audience into sad songs you can dance to. And you’ve got to love the vision and mantra Carpenter implores, which is “Let’s keep it shitty.”

MELODY Aaliyah Mecca

Aaliyah Mecca is a performance artist born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. At an early age, Aaliyah was compelled to share stories through movement and on stage performance. Bred in the studio, she made her way to Los Angeles to continue her studies of movement in late 2017. After a year of studying Commercial Dance at Hussian College Los Angeles, she realized that the entertainment industry needed more voices from people of color. Embracing change, Aaliyah decided to take a leap of faith into a new artistic approach: acting! She has since starred in multiple short films including, “In the Events of a Pool Party” directed by Braden Hollis, “Say I do” directed by Tianna Vines, and “Dripping’’which is an original dance music video directed by Josh Ogner. In early May 2021, Aaliyah graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Acting for Film and Television.


Lexa and Nick’s faultless relationship tarnishes when Lexa subconsciously catches eyes for a woman, Melody, whose dog ran up to them on the street. Nick invites Melody to his birthday party, where she seems to be coming on to him. Understandably Lexa is not pleased. She removes herself from the room to light the birthday candles. Shit, her lighter is out of fluid. Out of nowhere, Melody sweeps in with a helping hand. They exchange a longing look. Lexa has trouble shaking this off and finds herself dreaming of Melody. Lexa, a painter, buries herself in her work to attempt to come to terms with her questions. Noticing she has distanced herself, Nick decides to uncover her paintings to discover why their relationship has suddenly begun to fail. Reading the art like a story, Nick puts the pieces together; Lexa hasn’t stopped loving him. She’s started liking Melody. The two decide to go their separate ways and do what is best for themselves despite genuinely loving each other.


Release Date
March 23rd, 2022

Country of Origin
United States


Filming Locations
East Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Production Companies
Under the Shell LLC
Farm Fresh Productions LLC


Run Time
4 Minutes


Sound Mix

Shooting Format
Digital, Alexa Amira with Canon
FD Lenses

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