Be Your Boy Still No 88463

Be Your Boy

Medium Build (Official Music Video)


Digital Film Sill Collectible 1 of 1

RVN Chain Address: HNJ/BYB/{StillNumber}









Character(s) / Props(s) in Still:



Kaylee McGregor

Kaylee McGregor


Nick Carpenter

Nick Carpenter


Aaliyah Mecca

Aaliyah Mecca



A passionate painter turns to her work to uncover the faults in her current relationship.


Release Date
March 23rd, 2022

Country of Origin
United States


Filming Locations
East Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Production Companies
Under the Shell LLC
Farm Fresh Productions LLC


Run Time
4 Minutes


Sound Mix

Shooting Format
Digital, Alexa Amira with Canon
FD Lenses

What makes this a Non Fungible Token?

This film was created at twenty-four frames per second. Twenty-four unique images were captured in high resolution EVERY SECOND and played continuously to create our finished product. This means no two frames are alike, every image has a different variable. Since no two frames are exactly alike, we have minted them as 1 of 1 tokens. By definition, this makes this Collectible Film Still a Non-Fungible Token, a piece of our film, just for you.

How is the Rarity Score Calculated?

The Rarity Score of this Collectible Film Still NFT was calculated using the [BLANK] model. Each NFT was given a score based on their unique traits. Higher scores are reserved for NFTs featuring more desirable traits, such as, actors, extras, special props, or transitions. Based on the number of traits, how rare each trait is, and the score in relation to how many NFTs exist, we are able to come up with a Rarity Score. The Rarity Score represents how valuable and desirable your asset is.

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Digital Rights. The owner of this non-fungible token and its past, current, or future subsidiaries and their authorized sublicensees, shall be permitted to print ONE physical copy for display in their physical or metaverse homes and businesses OR online social media profiles, without modification or addition. In the case of sublicensing, the owner revokes these rights and confers them to the purchaser.